Our Mission

"Outstanding people have one thing in common; an absolute sense of mission" - Zig Ziglar

TUFFM is a creative arts and audio / visual program for young people and adults, working nationally across the UK. The extensive and inclusive program provides and maintains access for those with the greatest needs and our ethos places positive transformational change at the forefront of our creative projects.

We believe that arts and music, delivered in a forward thinking, socially and culturally relevant way, has the power to change and shape people’s lives. The knowledge, skills and experience gained through our program possible by the performing and music, film and in creative experimentation, are essential to young people’s development, including access to professional resources.

TUFFMs mission is to provide underprivileged and talented youth a chance, regardless of their race, religion or culture, all while showcasing what an incredibly diverse melting pot we are blessed to have here in the UK. Our aim is to give underprivileged talent access to the same consoles, monitors, outboard gear and amps that you would find in any high end studio, as we strongly believe that wealth and financial standing should not be a determining factor in accessing such equipment. This also gives a voice to those who need it, using record production and promotion as a vehicle to spread kindness, positivity and a message of unity.

Our Objectives

Mental Health

(Music Minds Matter, 2020)

  • 2,211 (self-selected) respondents took part in the industry-wide survey

  • 71.1% of all respondents believed they had experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety

  • 68.5% reported they had experienced depression

  • [Of those that reported] 30% claimed they would be very likely to, or had already sought help

  • 55% felt there were gaps in the provision of services for musicians

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