Liverpool International Song Contest Finalist

Tony McCaldon

Tony McCaldon is a singer-songwriter hailing from Liverpool, UK.
Tony began his music career in his mid-teens, learning to play chords on the guitar from Stereophonics Live in Cardiff VHS. Throughout his late teens he played in a number of Liverpool based indie rock bands touring the UK with artists such as – The Charlatans, The View and Reverend and the Makers.
Following a 3 year sabbatical from writing his own music, he began to write and create again in late 2016. Tony’s current set of songs are entwined with his personal experience, filled with brutally honest lyrics and conveyed with a truly unique vocal. Drawing influences from artists such as Richard Ashcroft, Chris Stapleton and Bon Iver.
Debut EP “What’s Your Is Mine” is to be released in Novemeber 2019 via Klee Records, with a full album and support gigs scheduled for spring 2020.


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