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TUFFM is a project of the charity tuff.earth that is designed to support musicians and creative people through developmenting pathways for musically artistic youth from all backgrounds and to promote British values and identity


We reach out to artists around the globe to raise awareness of mental health in music


TUFF Syllabus, helping grass roots artists to develop their craft and ‘Plan, Produce and Promote’ their material and artistic works


Ethical Agency & Record Label, providing ongoing support and infrastructure for grass roots artists 

International Song for Kindness

Liverpool 2021

The International Song for Kindness Contest was launched in memory of John Lennon in what would’ve been his 80th year, in response to the challenging times the world has been facing throughout the pandemic.

The objective of the song contest is to raise awareness of mental health and capture new data, working collaboratively with our partners to identify innovative and forward thinking solutions to the problems identified across the Liverpool City Region; all during a time where mental health issues are at an all time high. The contest also acts as a platform to build a new and diverse community for artist to share their experience and support one another, all made possible through donations, volunteers and our official sponsor.

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