For participants in any TUFF Music Competition/s or TUFF Music Project/s

The parties to this contract shall be referred to as on the one hand the ‘Participant’ and on the other TUFF

  1. The Participant authorizes The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) to use their name and or any aliases, their voice and their image/s, in any medium including but not limited to publishing, whether in the written medium or otherwise, to use the same in videos, and or photographs, and to make unlimited number of copies in any medium which authorization shall be taken to include audio-visual recordings, for the avoidance of doubt the Participant agrees that authorization shall include commercial and/or noncommercial use and further authorizes TUFF, to exhibit the same and to distribute the same, edited or unedited, for use individually or together or  in conjunction with other voice/s name/s aliases/s and image/s in any other media  and  in any other medium and places no time or geographical limit on their authorization save those imposed by law.
  2. The Participant hereby grants irrevocably to TUFF, in its corporate/Charitable status, all right/s intellectual or contractual that the Participant owned prior to executing this contract or that were created and/or owned by the Participant during any TUFF Music project/s including and not limited to TUFF Music Competition/s.
  3. The Participant hereby wavers their right/s to any claim/s against TUFF whether contractual or in regard to any other civil claim such as, but not limited to negligence in connection with the Participants participation in any TUFF Music Competition/s and or any TUFF Music Project/s.
  4. The Participant hereby certifies that the Participant is of sound mind over eighteen years of age, and that there is no impediment affecting the Participant’s capacity to contract.
  5. If the Participant is under eighteen years of age, the Participants parent/s or legal guardian certify that they have read this contract and have given their consent by signing below.
  6. By signing this form, the Participant acknowledges they have read the contract and understood the terms of this contract.
  7. By signing this form, the Participant’s parent/s or legal guardian acknowledge they have read the contract and understood the terms of this contract.

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